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Take a few more sneak peaks inside of our adventure, just for Disney Wonder cruise ship passengers!  Step off of the ship and into our park full of wonder, mystery, and adventure in this one-of-a-kind adventure, just for children!  They'll have the time of their life leaving their fingerprints in making history and they'll even learn a bit about the Native Alaskan culture!  We can't wait to see you!

The beginnings of our Sea Monster Excursion for Disney Wonder's visiting children!  Watch as we bring Shylean to life (Shylean now shares the shore with Smirk!)  and take a look inside the Sea Monster House where children will work their magic!

Potlatch Park offers the adventure of a lifetime exclusively for children on board the Disney Cruise Ship!  Children can visit the park with parents and/or Disney attendants for an experience they'll never forget!

Children will tour the park and learn about the totem poles and take a look at how life was here, 200 years ago.  They can explore the clan houses, learn about the totem poles, hear several legends, and even meet with a Woody, our totem pole carver.  They can ask questions and will then be able to participate in creating history:  they'll be able to create feathers for our Sea Monster totem poles (Smirk and Shylean) and paint them, lending their hands at creating pieces of history!  The tour is engaging and offers them an exciting, hands-on experience that they'll remember for a lifetime.  

Welcome, Disney Wonder Cruise Kids!