You can round out your visit by stopping in our gift-shop where you will find genuine Alaska-made gifts, candy, and plenty of memorabilia to take home to commemorate your spectacular visit!

We also have a collection of rare antique vehicles in our Antique Car Museum!  Do not miss our 1934 Ford Coupe or 1924 Stanley Steamer!  There are many more classics for you to appreciate throughout the park!

Grab your camera and put your eye to the sky!  There is a huge population of bald eagles, gracing the Alaskan skies.   They're easy to spot as they patiently sit in the trees, watching the water for their next meal to swim by.

You'll have an opportunity to watch Alaska Native, Woody, in action here at the park as he works on his carvings.   Each mark made on a totem pole is carved by hand, without the use of power tools.

Take A Peek Inside The Park

Here at the park, you'll have an opportunity to explore 5 Native Alaskan clan houses and see what life would have been life here, 200 years ago.  The inside of the Clan houses are as spectacular as the outside.

Throughout the park, you'll find spectacular totem poles, even an incredible 42' tall pole!   Staff will be able to tell you the exciting legends the poles represent and answer your questions. 

Even more mystery and beauty await you at Ketchikan's Potlatch Park!  Click the images below for an enlarged view of more sights and scenes at the park.

Don't forget to stop by our exciting museum, featuring rare artifacts and antique firearms.  Our park features some of the rarest antique firearms in the world.