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About Us

Potlatch Totem Park hosts the most visible of native cultures with its authentically built tribal house, walls deeply carved inside and out, giving tribute to the major tribal ancestry of the area. Here you will look upon Raven, Eagle, Thunderbird, decked-out in cedar regalia, Wolves and Killer Whales. Not to mention the majestic 42' totem pole honoring Raven, who released the sun into the world.

Peer into one of the tribal homes to see the diorama of how Native Alaskans actually lived in the 1800s. You can then take a walk up to the Carving Center where you can view the carving in action! You'll even get a chance to meet one of the resident carvers and talk with them about the art.

If you only have time to view one totem park while you're in Ketchikan make sure it is Potlatch Park.

The Thrill is Yours to see!
​Authentic Totem Poles
Tribal houses
Carving Center
Antique Cars
Antique Firearms
Inside Alaska Totem Trading an Alaskan Shopping experience awaits you with:
Totems, masks and trinkets!

​All of this at one location: Potlatch Park, Ketchikan, Alaska!